Since patch 1.09, when restarting a FortressCraft world, the player has had the option of customising their World Design. Patch 1.1 Alpha expanded on this to include the world climate options.


There are currently four climate options to choose from:



Temperate World Type

Temperate is the standard landscape option, the entire world is coated in the Grass Block, and is scattered with naturally occurring lakes.



Tropical World Type

Tropical is very similar to the Temperate climate option, the difference between the two is that more/larger natural lakes spawn in Tropical and the Tree designs are different, such as willows, etc.



Desert World Type

Desert worlds are coated in Sand Blocks, and trees in desert worlds are designed like palm trees and other arid climate trees.



Alpine World Type

Alpine worlds are coated in snow, this is the only world type where the Snow Block is accessible without the use of Console Commands. Trees in the alpine climate type are designed like fir trees.

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