Copy and paste being used, orange blocks mark the selected corners

Copy and Paste is a feature that was introduced in patch 1.1 Alpha. The paint palette Server Reward is used to perform copying and pasting. Note: You do not need to unlock the Paint Palette to use Copy and Paste in your own world; it is automatically unlocked. However, to use the paint palette in other worlds, it must be unlocked through achieving the "Awesome" server rank. Copy and Paste cannot be used in multiplayer games as a client.

How to useEdit

Using Copy and Paste is very simple. The player is required to mark out two corners of a cuboid selection area with the trigger buttons, the area will then be surrounded by a distortion effect with the two selected corners emitting particles. A preview of the paste will then appear off the selection glow, to place the blocks press the X button. Warning: you cannot undo this action.

Custom Blocks can be copied, but it is advised against as mass groups of customs can slow the game down. Custom block rotation also resets with Pasting them.


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