FortressCraft Unity Minecart and Resources preview00:54

FortressCraft Unity Minecart and Resources preview

Early Minecarts in FC:C2

FortressCraft: Unity is the upcoming version of the popular Indie Game, FortressCraft. It has not yet been released, but will run on PC, Mac, and Linux. FC:U utilises the Unity Engine. Within FortressCraft: Unity, the player may customize the randomly generated world terrain, consisting of textured cubes, or Blocks either by themselves or with friends. The game takes its main inspiration from the game Dwarf Fortress, as well as the popular voxel games Minecraft and Infiniminer.

Development and Known Features

FortressCraft: Unity is still in development. Features that have been confirmed are as follows:

  • Unity engine
  • PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Features all FC2D Bots
  • Twitter integration
  • Dedicated server support
  • Worldsize of 500 light-years in X,Y, and Z.

News about Development

The latest news about development can be found at FortressCraft's Official Twitter Page.

The latest videos of development can be found on ProjectorGames' Youtube.


FC-Unity engine - long fly through01:01

FC-Unity engine - long fly through

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