Patch 10 is out!

Patch 10 is available to download from the marketplace. This patch adds 31 player support, in game permission settings and more! Full details can be found here: Patch Notes

Patch 9 Now Live!

Patch 9 is now available from the marketplace! Zombies, turrets and automatic spleef arena rebuilding are just for starters. Full details can be found here: Patch Notes

FortressCraft Fan Forums Relaunched

Due to the recent trouble with the Fan Forums and it's consequential deletion. A new Fan Forum has been released, this time with a new host, moderation team and boards. Hopefully this one will prove to be more popular.

FortressCraft Fan Forum

FortressCraft on Steam!

FortressCraft Special Portal Edition coming to Steam03:20

FortressCraft Special Portal Edition coming to Steam

Now denounced as an April fools gag, this trailer also set out to show what could happen if FortressCraft went to Steam. FortressCraft Steam has been planned, but according to DjArcas, Valve have gone quiet on the subject.


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