Little Builder
The Lil' Builder Relic was introduced to FortressCraft in patch 1.1 Pre-Alpha, to provide autonomous building as opposed to the Lil' Digger.

The function of the Lil' Builder is to place blocks in a straight line for 60 seconds. The builder can build any Block in the game, provided it is the block selected when launched. The builder will build Custom Blocks, but the rotation is fixed for all directions/positions placed. Additionally, Lil'Builders cannot place TNT.

How to useEdit

To use, set the lil' builder as the selected weapon, then find an area you wish to build in. Point the selection glow on a block and note the direction the builder is facing. To place, use the left or right triggers. Up to 17 builders can be used at once.

The builder will place blocks in a straight line for 60 seconds, if the build is uninterrupted in that time the range is 60 blocks. To stop the builder after it has been set off, place a block in front of it's path. When the builder hits the block it will stop building and disappear. This is useful when building as it is possible to mark out precisely how far you wish for the builder to go. Custom blocks will not stop the builder along with Torches and lanterns, and it will continue to move through them as though they were not there.

The builder is affected by gravity, so if it runs off an edge it will continue to move forward while falling and will build while doing so.


  • A flying variant has been hinted at in a future patch.
  • If you look at the rear of the Lil' Builder, its license plate has two letters on it: "FC", the initials of the game.
  • It was originally planned to have up to 3600 Lil' Builders at once (60 per sec). However, a stress test revealed large problems with this, and a hard cap of 17 was set.
  • On the side of the Builder it reads "definitely not pixies at work;" this is a reference to the size of the relic.


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