Little Digger
The Lil' Digger Relic was introduced to FortressCraft in patch 1.09 primarily to remove the grind of removing large quantities of Blocks.

The function of the Lil' Digger is to remove blocks in a straight line for 60 seconds. The digger can dig through any block on the game, except Lights and Custom Blocks, so it is advised to take caution when using it.

How to useEdit

To use, set the Lil' Digger as the selected weapon, then find an area you wish to remove. Point the selection glow on the side of a block and note the direction the digger is facing. To place, use the left or right triggers. Using the left trigger will cause the digger to explode with a standard TNT explosion at the end of its life. The right trigger option will not cause this. There is a limit of about 16 lil' diggers at once.

The digger will remove blocks in a straight line for 60 seconds. If the digger is removing solid blocks for the entire time, the range is 24 blocks. The block removal time of the digger is 2.5 seconds per block. There is currently no way to stop the digger once it has been set off, but this is possible to change in future.

The digger is affected by gravity, so if it runs off an edge it will continue to move forward while falling and will dig again when connected to a block. Alternatively if the block it is removing is above a cave, the digger will fall into the cave and continue digging there.

Lil' Diggers will also drill through the Spawn Tower.


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