Noble Rookie VI-5
is a menu in FortressCraft. It is accessed through the Pause Menu. It allows the player to toggle the various Machinima-oriented settings in the game.

3d Particles Toggles 3d particles from blocks and effects


Toggles if client nameplates appear
HUD Toggles if the player can see the block selection wheel, crosshair, and selection glow.
Selection Glow Toggles the block highlight
Show Weapon Toggles if the player can see their weapon
Show Custom Light Model Toggles if the player can see custom light models
BlackSmoke Toggles the Black Smoke Relic
Node Status Markers Toggles the loading markers for unloaded nodes
Tectonic Rise Toggles if a node will rise up, or appear
Lock Time of day Toggles between no time passing, and normal passage


  • Walking in to a Node Status Marker triggers Eaten by a Grue
  • If Lock Time of day is used with Tectonic Rise On, then Tectonic Rise will not function properly.

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