The R69L
The Neoteric Axe was implemented in Content Patch 9, as a replacement to the MAK Axe. The axe allows players to edit the Spawn Tower as well as standard building. Currently this is the only alternative to Console Commands for editing the spawn effectively.


The axe was announced by DMPDesign as a competition for the axe's design[1]. At the end of the competition, three designs were chosen by the development team and the testers, these designs were then updated by DMPDesign and posted to the community for a decision.

The results of the competition are as follows:

1st: DYZFUNCTl0NAL - winning design

2nd: CreativeAssName - runner up

3rd: TheSilverhead - runner up

How it is earnedEdit

The Neoteric Axe is earned by taking a picture of your awesome world, which must meet the following requirements:

  • The picture must be high quality.
  • The HUD must be turned off in the picture.
  • 1280x720 pixels is the preferred resolution.
  • The screenshot should be captured within the game but a high quality PVR screenshot will do.
  • The screenshot must be awesome enough to be used on the front screen of FortressCraft.
  • You must give explicit permission to allow the picture to be used for promotion of FC in any way.
  • The pic should be obviously impossible to make in Minecraft! (That means lots of Custom Blocks and Reflections off of high detail water)

To submit your screenshot, simply post it (inline) in this topic on the Developer Forums.

In addition to this, a very small number of users have also been granted the axe if they were offered or had its predecessor, the MAK Axe.

Also, if you get 1,000,000 views on a video showing FortressCraft in a positive light, you will earn the Neoteric Axe.

Similar to the Harrison Axe, once a code has been granted by DjArcas the Axe can be unlocked in-game through the console command 'Unlock < Code >'

Note: The axe code corresponds to the player's gamertag so it cannot be used by anybody else.


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