This page contains the patch notes of all the patches to date:

Content Patch 10

Released: July 1, 2012

  • Press the Back button to activate the Jetpack!
  • Added 31 player support
  • Added new server menu
  • Added ShowHealth command
  • Loads of Spleef improvements and fixes!
  • Personal Teleporter fixes
  • Added experimental fast build
  • Added live server permission options

Content Patch 9

Released: May 17, 2012

  • Added Zombies, Turrets and Sawblades
  • Added Stats screen
  • Added Weapons screen
  • Added 'Underground' level type
  • Added Neoteric/Community Axe
  • Spleef auto rebuild
  • New light models
  • Added Server Flags
  • Added better broken node recovery

1.1 Interim

Released: February 17, 2012

  • Improved water performance (less framedrop during water creation)
  • Fixed some water pivot bugs
  • Improved doodad performance
  • Improved Wind custom behaviour performance
  • Added Ladders(keyboard only, expected to be in the normal interface by release)
  • Other minor performance optimisations
  • Massively speeded up loading ('Press Start' should appear much faster now)
  • Rewrote Time (now records up to 68 years, instead of 3 days)
  • Added 3dvision fix (PC ONLY)
  • Added Freeze Time Of Day option to Machinima menu
  • Added Special Effects menu
  • Tidied up graphics menu
  • Tracking lots of new stats for the Achievements
  • Added Achievement tracking (no current way of earning or displaying them on the Xbox YET)
  • Added 2 new axes, plus unlock codes
  • Added personal teleporter
  • Adder recall function to the teleporter
  • Added new Avatars, for PC version
  • Fixed height restriction on CopyPaste
  • Added a little surprise. The only hint you're getting : "Turn jetpacks off"
  • FPS mode fix - quitting to title and rejoining no longer has stuck mobs.

1.1 Alpha

Released: December 19, 2011

1.1 Pre-alpha

Released: October 10, 2011


Released: August 21, 2011

  • Fixed Join Session crash
  • Added Water and Server status to map
  • Fixed many exploits
  • Added Custom Blocks (See Help)


Released: August 10, 2011


Released: June 3, 2011

  • TNT Disabled for clients
  • Blue fog fix
  • Per thread exception handling
  • Pending friends glitch fixed
  • Many crash fixes
  • Add in timeout on load
  • Electric lights removed from fill
  • Fill now works on half-plus-one
  • Remove minions, minecarts and tracks


Released: May 10, 2011

  • More server browsing opions
  • View bob added
  • Truss/Windows added
  • 5 new Canvas Blocks added
  • MyFirst Blocks added
  • Multiplayer world wipe bug fixed

Initial Release

Released: April 8, 2011

  • Release version!

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