There are a few items that have been removed from Fortresscraft for multiple reasons. Some of them were Server Rewards which are used as bragging rights to show off to other players. Others were models that were low resolution, but were used as a test model before the final default model seen in Fortresscraft now.

Wooden Spoon Of ObscurityEdit

The spoon
Originally planned to be a Server Reward, it was removed from the game because the developer thought of the spoon as not much of a reward. It was also a reference to the English tradition gives the loser a wooden spoon. The Spoon reads "Obscure" at the top and "You're a Low Rank" below it.

7-Gram RockEdit

The rook
Originally used as a server reward for achieving winning rank, it was removed from the game because the developer didn't feel that it would be a good reward to work hard for. It was also used as a Charlie Sheen reference.

Grappling HookEdit

Also known as the Grappler, this was originally planned to be a Relic The grappling hook was unable to make it into the final game because it did not work. It is rumored however that the grappling hook may return in a future patch.

My First PickaxeEdit

Originally planned to go into Content Patch 1.04 , this pickaxe was unable to make it into the final version of the game. This was also planned to be a special axe included with the "MyFirst" Blocks found in wheel 6 as a present for the majority of female players on Fortresscraft.

MAK AxeEdit

Players were given this axe as a special gift from MorninAfterKill, or MAK. It was known that sending pictures of your world to MAK would award you the axe if he liked your world. It was removed from the game because of a dispute between MorninAfterKill and DjArcas.

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