Screenshot 6

The Spawn Tower is a 16 x16 x 64 structure made up of Reinforced Rock that denotes the location where the host and clients spawn when entering a server. The inside of the spawn contains a Workshop located halfway down. The top of the spawn contains Water which does not require a source block. Removing water from the spawn requires 4 blocks in the middle of the spawn and erasing the 4 water blocks along the corners of the spawn but this area can not be removed or else the world will flood the next time you quit to title and return. There are also small rooms below the workshop that reach toward the bottom of the world. The spawn tower cannot be edited or erased unless the player uses TNT, the Fill Command , or has the Neoteric Axe. To have the spawn tower reset the player must remove every Reinforced Wood block in the workshop via one ofthe above mentioned methods.

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