Hi all,

Seeing as there has been some confusion on the matter, I thought I'd summarise how to earn the Wiki Axe in one place so if someone asks, they can be linked to here.

Since Content Patch 9, it has been obvious that there is more traffic on this wiki, I'd imagine this is mostly due to the 'show weapons' screen and this message:


This burst of activity is something we're very happy to see, but it seems that people are abusing the system in the hope of attaining the special axe.

We have noted that people are making a single edit and then requesting an axe, this is not helpful, and certainly not a significant enough contribution to warrant the reward. We've also seen people making multiple minor edits to pages to gain huge edit counts in the hope it counts as 'significant'. In this case significant does not mean 'hundreds of edits'.

This is NOT a sensible way to achieve that, currently the reward system is that myself and TheSilverhead will assess the overall total edits of a person, and if we feel it is deserving of an axe, we will pass your gamertag onto DjArcas.

We DO read your edits, and we have taken note of some exceptional contributions, and some not-so-good contributions. To those that are working constructively, keep up the good work!

Just remember:


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