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  • TheSilverhead

    Overall warning.

    June 18, 2012 by TheSilverhead

    Hey folks, it is your resident Grammar Nazi! As you may or may not have noticed, we have a lot more traffic since CP9. I expect even more from CP9.1 or CP10, depending on when my scheme goes in to effect. So, this is a general 'words of wisdom' blog for all the newcomers, and those of you looking for something to edit. First is my favorites- things to not do.

    Don't post images of yourself.

    Don't post pages about you.

    Don't upload images that will not be used in a relevant page.

    Don't make pages about your world.

    Don't spam.

    Don't add radnom categories. They are NAVIGATIONAL TOOLS, not tags.

    Don't micro edit 50 times. Edit once.

    Don't farm for badges. They will get you nothing,

    Don't add vulgarity.

    Don't swear.

    Don't add bugs.

    Don't add opinions.

    Don't …

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  • TheSilverhead

    So, someone shut down the FC fan forums. Yup. Then redirected them to MC forums. Yup. So, there's a new one now. Made by HK6. By the way, he has over 9000 posts.

    Pretty easy to remember. See you there! Also, go applaud some of my posts. Good ol' Karma.

    TheSilverhead 02:58, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TheSilverhead

    Edit War

    February 2, 2012 by TheSilverhead

       I, Silverhead, have decided not to comment on any more blogs unless it is constructive and is not childish. This edit war is getting out of hand and KingFredrick VI has told me that if it continues, all the admin's will get together and the solution to it will not be a good thing for me or Dan. If I see that someone, including Dan, has made some errors, I will just fix them for him instead of complaining about it. I think this will be the best solution for the both of us!

       I am also going to make sure that Dan reads this blog so he will also know. I think it's also a good idea instead of everyone bitching about Dan's bad grammar to help him get better at it and teach him some grammar. I think that this can also help anyone who has the …

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  • TheSilverhead

    New Guy on the Block

    January 25, 2012 by TheSilverhead

    Well, what a day. I've stolen Arcas' pun and Andy's wiki.After 150 edits, 530 points, and about 70 new pages, I think this place is looking up. If I've forgotten anything so far, let me know! And if you ever see a page without a category, add one. A Wiki without categories is a Wiki without flow.

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