I, Silverhead, have decided not to comment on any more blogs unless it is constructive and is not childish. This edit war is getting out of hand and KingFredrick VI has told me that if it continues, all the admin's will get together and the solution to it will not be a good thing for me or Dan. If I see that someone, including Dan, has made some errors, I will just fix them for him instead of complaining about it. I think this will be the best solution for the both of us!

   I am also going to make sure that Dan reads this blog so he will also know. I think it's also a good idea instead of everyone bitching about Dan's bad grammar to help him get better at it and teach him some grammar. I think that this can also help anyone who has the same problem as Dan. I am also going to tell KingFredrick VI that he should make a posting of a list of general and simple rules for everyone, including Dan, to look off of before they click "Publish".

   I personally apologize for all the trouble I may or may not of caused. I also hope that Dan will make a blog or post of him apologizing about him not using proper grammar and will work at his best to improve his grammar and spelling. If eather of us wish to ever become admin, this is one of the biggest things we MUST work on.

Sincerely, TheSilverhead

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