Noble Rookie VI-2
Visual Settings is a menu in FortressCraft. It is accessed through the Pause Menu. It allows the various graphics settings to be changed to user preference.

Visual Settings
Bloom Toggles light reflection
Distortion Toggles Water and Torch blur
Vegetation Toggles on/off sprite based vegetation
V-sync Toggles refresh rate for the game - Turn on when shooting video of your world.
Max Draw Distance Changes the number of nodes to load in view. Right now the max setting is 5 but can be changed up to 15 via Console Command. Note: Lower Setting to inprove world performance.
Custom Render Toggles how many customs render, at what distance
Water Detail Changes the detail of Water up to a max of 6. settings below 3 are non reflective but increase world performance.
My Shadow Changes the detail of the player's shadow
Other Player Shadow Changes the detail of other players' shadows
World Detail Changes the graphical setting for the world. Lower settings increase world performance.


  • Higher detail is to the right, lower detail is to the left.
  • The lower the settings, the faster the game will run
  • V-sync is shown as on by default, but it is really off. You must turn it off, then back on for it to work.

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